Advanced basics dog training for CGC

Advanced Dog Training Classes in NJ (Hoboken and Nutley) 

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Training

If your goal is to become a Therapy dog team, your dog must:

  • Enjoy petting and handling by a wide variety of people
  • Is calm and can focus on you when another dog is nearby
  • Is predictable and controllable in all situations
  • Enjoys being hugged by children and adults
  • Is calm around new odors, noises and environments

Duration: 6 weeks

Therapy Dog Training class NJ

What We Teach During Advanced Dog Training Classes

This class takes the basic skills that your dog has already learned to a higher level. We will add more distractions and real life situations to proof the commands as well as working towards working off leash. The class will work towards the skills to pass the Canine Good Citizen test as well as the Therapy dog test. We will have health related equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers being used throughout the class, teaching all of the dogs the skills to become Therapy dogs. If your goal is to have a better trained dog, this class will take your skills and your dog’s skills to a more advanced level. The last night of class is the testing for the CGC and the Therapy dog certification test for those that are ready.

Duration: 6 weeks.