Dogs are allowed to have thoughts and feelings!

The Hoboken and Nutley NJ group dog and puppy classes are starting early January 2023 and are booking now! I am holding the basics class and hopefully the advanced basics/cgc/therapy dog class. In home and online training are always available. Positive reward based training!

I like this definition of positive reinforcement training: What is positive reinforcement (PR)? In the fields of human psychology and advanced animal training, the accepted definition of, “Positive reinforcement is the addition of something in proximity to a behavior that results in an increased probability of a dog showing that behavior again in the future.”1We generally associate positive reinforcement with giving the animal something it likes. In the strict sense, emotions don’t play a role in the definition of PR. However, it is mostly true that things that reinforce behavior are things that the animal likes or loves. If you have ever given your dog a treat for sitting or coming to you when you called, you have used positive reinforcement.

As a ‘cross over’ trainer (I used to teach the dominance theory many years ago), focusing on positive reward based training and no longer using any adverse methods has proven to be incredibly advantageous for my clientele as well as for me. The incredible bond that we achieve with our dogs by truly understanding them and forming a trusting relationship is wonderful to watch. Remember, dogs are allowed to have thoughts and feelings!

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