Hoboken and Nutley Group Training Classes Starting Soon!

I am offering the Basics class in Hoboken and Nutley and the adv. basics/therapy dog class in Nutley starting soon.

The basics class is held on Thursday nights in Nutley and Tuesday nights in Hoboken. The class encompasses learning basic dog behavior, communication skills, body language, vocalization, as well as basic training cues. It is a positive reward based class and runs for 6 weeks. The Advanced Basics class takes the basic commands to a higher level as well as going over the skills necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test and the Therapy dog test via Bright and Beautiful Therapy dogs. The last night of class is the testing for the CGC and Therapy dog test for the dogs that are ready. I am a certified evaluator for the AKC CGC and Therapy dog test.
Therapy dog teams visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other places bringing comfort and joy to so many people. It is so rewarding! Therapy dogs also are part of the Read to Dogs program where children that need help with their reading skills are able to read to the most patient listener.
The classes are held in a large private indoor space without outside distractions. The class is reward based which means we are focusing on rewarding good behavior, not on corrections. In fact, there aren’t any corrections needed! Dogs will offer the behavior you want if you reward it when you see it. Such a lovely way to teach dogs. It is all about building mutual trust and understanding. Dog and puppy training is relationship building. Positive relationship building.
At Sit and Stay Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling teaching lifelong positive relationships with your puppy and dog is our goal. Understanding your dog’s body language and behavior is paramount to creating a way to communicate effectively. Your puppy/dog is reading your body language all of the time! You have to learn to read your dog’s language too.

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