Puppies resting at home waiting for private in home training

In-Home Dog Training in Northern NJ

In Home Training, Problem Solving and Behavior Counseling

In-Home Puppy Kindergarten Session

Beautiful Seamus posing for the camera in Montclair NJ

The in home puppy kindergarten session is an all embracing consultation which covers every question and issue the new puppy parent may have. This session goes over everything about living with and training your new puppy:  

  • grooming and nutrition
  • housebreaking
  • mouthing
  • creating boundaries
  • how to communicate successfully
  • how to establish yourself as a nurturing and effective ‘parent’
  • understanding basic dog and puppy behavior
  • how to avoid conditioning problem behaviors
  • learning basic training cues
In home sessions include unlimited phone and email consultations about all topics covered as well as literature and videos covering important information. The Basics Class is the perfect complement once your puppy is old enough to attend.

In-Home, Private Training for Dogs of All Ages

Adorable puppy and Mom golden retrievers. In home private dog training

The benefit of in-home training is the one on one attention given to you and your relationship with your dog. You will learn how to create a lasting positive bond with your dog by communicating effectively and teaching basic training cues. You can get the dog that you want and have fun doing it!

Private training is also effective when there are behavior issues that are in need of modification and a class is too distracting for your dog.  Learn how to resolve problem behaviors such as:

  • house soiling
  • resource guarding (guarding toys, bones, beds, etc.)
  • excessive barking
  • separation anxiety
  • jumping on people
  • leash pulling

Joana teaches you the skills and tools you will need to help modify your dog’s behavior.

Same-Day Cancellation Fee: $25 (Paid via Zelle or Venmo)