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Online Dog Obedience Training

Virtual dog training as well as personal phone consultations connect you with an expert in dog training and behavior counseling no matter where you are in the world! Online dog training allows us to go over basic training as well as work on many behavior issues. Remote consults are a valuable way to start or continue training and behavior modification.

Zoom or Skype 

Flexible scheduling and no geographic limitations.

Joana Watsky, owner of Sit and Stay, has enjoyed teaching thousands of people how to establish lifelong positive relationships with their dogs since 1993.

Online Obedience Training For puppies:

Puppy Selection/finding a breeder or evaluating an individual rescue dog. 

Pre Puppy Counseling: what to purchase, how to set your house up, crate training, creating schedules and more.

Once your Puppy is Home:

  • Grooming and Nutrition
  • Housebreaking
  • Mouthing
  • Creating boundaries
  • How to communicate successfully
  • How to establish yourself as a nurturing and effective ‘parent’
  • Understanding basic dog and puppy behavior
  • How to avoid conditioning problem behaviors
  • Learning basic training cues
Online dog training sessions
Online dog obedience training

Virtual/Online Training Programs For Dogs of all Ages

Training and Behavior modification. We will go over basic training as well as topics including:

  • How to communicate and create a positive relationship with your dog.
  • House Soiling
  • Resource Guarding (guarding toys, bones, beds, etc.)
  • Excessive Barking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Anxiety/Fear

Included in Our Online Dog Trainings

The phone and virtual sessions include follow up articles and videos to coincide with the topics we cover.

Before your session begins, videos, pictures, and descriptions about your current dog’s behavior can be emailed to for evaluation. This information will help us develop a solid training plan for you.

What Clients Are Saying About
Virtual Dog Training with Joana

I had the bright idea to get a puppy that coincidentally coincided just as COVID-19 hit. Blithely I thought, well at least I’d have the company of an adorable fluff-ball, plus an involved project while I sheltered in place.

But not having had a puppy in 20 years, I’d forgotten about the house breaking from two-flights up. I’d forgotten about the whining, the whimpering and the crying. Oh the crying. And, how does one socialize a puppy in the age of social distancing?But… I had an advantage, the brilliant Joana Watsky, and...she even has a phone!

Joana talked me through some bad habits that I was beginning to establish. She walked me through the steps of positive reinforcement, in real time—on the phone!

Her approach to training is clear and concise and reasoned. Although training seemed overwhelming at first, Joana laid out the clear and entirely logical steps to follow, and follow, and continue to follow. And follow again.Joana has helped me over the years, once with an obstinate (but entirely cute) puppy, and then with an adult rescue that had more challenges than I knew what to do with. She has come to the rescue again with my two-month old pup, and set me on the right course.Whether in group class, or a private lesson, or through email, and sometimes by necessity over the phone, Joana is an expert and nimble problem solver. She’s compassionate, generous and pleasure to work with. And, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather talk to endlessly about my dog.
I've worked with Joana in-person many times for both my dogs and each session was incredibly valuable. However, with the recent changes to daily life, I've noticed my dog has regressed in some of his good behavior. It could be a mix of my own stress, our schedule being different, etc. Either way, if I'm going to be home with him I wanted to make sure I use our time wisely and that we both get something good out of it. I had a virtual session with Joana and it was great.

We used my web cam and I was able to test out some commands and cues with her watching and guiding me. It really wasn't much different than doing it in person, except that I had to learn more by listening rather than watching. Now I have something for both me and my dog to work on and stay mentally busy with. Plus she offers email support as well so my follow up questions were easily answered. Definitely recommend for both owner and dog!