Doodle puppy laying down

Puppy Training Near Me

About Our Puppy Kindergarten Class in NJ (Hoboken and Nutley) 

  • For puppies from 2-4 months of age.
  • A six week class teaching socialization, housebreaking, understanding dog behavior, and how to gain a nurturing relationship with your puppy.
  • Basic training cues utilizing fun dog friendly training methods.

Duration: 6 weeks

Sherman learning new commands

What We Teach During Puppy Kindergarten Classes

The Puppy Kindergarten class is a fun and enjoyable way to teach your puppy so much! We will go over teaching good bite inhibition, confidence and social savvy for interacting with other dogs and people, how to interact with people and other pups as well as learning how to respond quickly and reliably to basic training cues such as a recall, sit, lie down, stand and wait in the midst of other dogs and people. The class is held in a safe and private environment, ideal for your puppy’s first training class.

Duration: 6 weeks.