Veterinarian Recommendation

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Joana almost a year ago. She came to help us with the new addition to our family, Eleanor, an extremely anxious and fearful Boston Terrier who was surrendered at my veterinary clinic by a client. Being a veterinarian, I meet and work with a lot of dogs, however, I could recognize that she was a special case and seeked help from a professional. As soon as I met Joana, I could see that she clearly knew how to be around dogs and knew how to make them feel at ease. Eleanor responded very positively to her which made the training exercises much more successful. Joana was also very effective in communicating with us humans and made us feel positive about moving forward with Eleanor’s behavioral modification. Her follow-up was top-notch and I always felt comfortable asking any questions I had, no matter how seemingly small or silly! We would highly recommend Joana to anyone needing help with their furry family members!  Dr. Cynthia Yim, DVM, CVA, Packanack Animal Hospital Wayne NJ