Veterinarian Recommendation

Hi Joana!
I have to say Thanks again for helping me and Fosse train to be pet therapists. We just came back from Waterview Nursing Home in Cedar Grove and I continue to be amazed at how well Fosse has blended into this endeavor. He is very excited to “go and see the people” and he is so gentle and patient. I wanted to say thanks for seeing that in him – you always said in class he was going to be a great therapy dog – thanks for seeing that potential in him. You did a fabulous job exposing him to the walkers, canes, noise, wheelchair etc. A few months back a patient leaning out of his wheelchair fell on Fosse and he didn’t budge or get nervous. He stayed still even when I dropped the leash to help the gentleman up and forgave the man and went back up to him and put his head in his lap! To him it’s all second nature.  Dr. Marguerite Hoey, DVM