Hi Joana, I have to give you an update and share a little story. So Cubby and I have been very diligently working with our dog/dog aggression training and it’s been going amazing. My boyfriend, who has NEVER owned a dog, let alone trained a dog, would attempt to criticize our training approach and would say – “you’re not changing his behavior – you’re just distracting him”. I would kindly remind him that he had zero experience in this field and to not criticize. Well, as I said, Cubby has been doing AMAZING! The three of us went for a walk last night and my boyfriend was SHOCKED. He even started bragging to other people about Cubby. A large black dog who the owner was trying to control and to whom Cubby would’ve gone absolutely nuts over in the past came up to Cubby and Cubby just looked at me and sat down and I gave him a hot dog. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that he’s doing great! I think you’re the best and wouldn’t hesitate telling everyone and highly recommending you to anyone that asked! I hope all is well! Talk to you soon. Jen & Cubby, Hoboken, NJ