Hoboken Girl

If you’ve been following the blog/social media for Hoboken Girl, you’ll know it’s puppy central at HobokenGirl.com lately. In June, I adopted a french bulldog named Pierre. He is such a little sweetie — currently 4 months and loving life in Hoboken.

While beauty, fashion, and food may be somewhat of a hot topic of consumption of the blog, besides the occasional adoptable pets of the week, pets are not as commonly discussed on HG (until recently!). That’s why when this novice pet owner posted about who people recommended as a dog trainer on the HG Facebook page a while back, I didn’t expect such an overwhelmingly unanimous response of who to use as a trainer– Joana of Sit N Stay LLC.   Joana came highly recommended by many readers (and friends with dogs), and so within the first week we had our puppy we scheduled an appointment with Joana to come to our house and give us puppy 101, essentially. As soon as Joana walked in, she laid out a blanket, had Pierre lay on it, and had him chew on a marrow bone. His leash and harness stayed on — and it was attached to us. This was done so that we wouldn’t be distracted with him running around, and then she gave us the scoop on every aspect of dog ownership you could imagine! From food choices to potty training to walking on a leash to basic commands to appropriate dog play — I took copious notes(legitimately about 20 pages). It was amazingly informative, and I don’t think our first week or two would have gone as smoothly without her coming. It was about a 2-3 hour visit.  Joana uses positive training methods only, and you can clearly tell how much she loves animals — she treated Pierre as if he were her own. She also recommended an amazing vet for Pierre — Secaucus Animal Hospital. They are so wonderful!  Not only does Joana do in-home training and behavioral counseling for dogs (and phone/email availability for any follow-up questions you have at any time with your pet 9-7pm daily!), but she also runs various classes at Elks Club in Hoboken. The classes are in swing right now, but they will be starting again in the fall!  Definitely signing little P up for Basic Training — and who knows, maybe therapy dog training too!  I just love that I can contact Joana at ANY time (M-F 9:30-7pm) and ask follow-up questions about Pierre. It’s such a relief and helpful part of her service. After she left our apartment, she also sent an email with a ton of links and helpful resources for Pierre’s training. Her Facebook Page is chock full of tons of tips as well. Just what we needed!  Overall – I was extremely pleased with Joana’s expertise, professionalism, and compassion. I would recommend her to anyone with a new pup (or someone who is having behavioral issues with their dog). She’s the best! Pierre has been doing quite well — getting there with potty training, and I have him on a pretty good schedule. It’s a work in progress!