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Dog Training Testimonials

What our clients are saying about their experiences with Sit and Stay:

Veterinarian Recommendation

Hi Joana! I have to say Thanks again for helping me and Fosse train to be pet therapists. We just came back from Waterview Nursing Home in Cedar Grove and I continue to be amazed at how well Fosse has blended into this endeavor. He is very excited to “go and see the people” and… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”

Veterinarian Recommendation

I have worked with Joana on several occasions with my family’s rescue dogs. Joana’s calm, quiet manner is fantastic- our very shy greyhound even responded. She is able to adapt and change gears as needed (not every dog technique works for every dog) and has many ideas for our “difficult” pups. An important part of… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”

Veterinarian Recommendation

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Joana almost a year ago. She came to help us with the new addition to our family, Eleanor, an extremely anxious and fearful Boston Terrier who was surrendered at my veterinary clinic by a client. Being a veterinarian, I meet and work with a lot… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”

Veterinarian Recommendation

I have referred many clients to Joana for training and they have been 100% happy with her expertise, professionalism and compassion. I am happy to recommend her knowing she does a great job and my clients will be happy.  Dr. John Hatch M.V.B., M.R.C.V.S. Secaucus Animal… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”

Veterinarian Recommendation

We recently met with Joana Watsky, of Sit and Stay Dog Training & Behavioral Counseling, and she wowed us with her experience, knowledge and techniques! Check out Sit and Stay’s website for more info!  Livingston Animal Hospital FB… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”

Veterinarian Recommendation

We both worked with Joana to train our own dogs. We were impressed with her logical and positive approach to dog training and enjoyed her personable, calm demeanor. (And so did our dogs!) Joana was always accessible for our questions and concerns. We wholeheartedly recommend Joana to all our family, friends and clients.”  Dr. Rachel… Read more “Veterinarian Recommendation”


Attention Hoboken dog owners! You might be on the fence or ready to bring your four-legged friend to the next level in regards to their behavior and obedience.  Whether you have a problem pooch, or just want to put and end to some nagging issues – you’d be interested to know about the Sit and… Read more “Hoboken411”

“When we first started working with Joana we had a very excitable, mouthy, jumpy and untrained dog. Our very emaciated shelter dog was gaining weight fast and unintentionally hurting us every time he got excited. After only one session with Joana we had a dog who knew at least 5 different commands and we were… Read more “”

Hoboken Girl

If you’ve been following the blog/social media for Hoboken Girl, you’ll know it’s puppy central at HobokenGirl.com lately. In June, I adopted a french bulldog named Pierre. He is such a little sweetie — currently 4 months and loving life in Hoboken. While beauty, fashion, and food may be somewhat of a hot topic of consumption of… Read more “Hoboken Girl”

Montclair, NJ web reviews from: Therapists of the Four Legged Variety

Joana is wonderful.  My daughter and I took our two puppies to her Beginner and Advanced Training courses.  As first-time dog owners, Joana had her hands full (more with us than the puppies!), but she was always patient and kind.  Almost a year after finishing the last course, she still takes my calls (!) anytime… Read more “Montclair, NJ web reviews from: Therapists of the Four Legged Variety”

Hi Joana, Last week we had our Halloween visit at the Eastern Star Assisted Living and Nursing home in Bridgewater, NJ. He went as an angel!  He is doing so wonderfully and amazes me when we go to “work”. He “hams” it up with the residents and is a perfect gentleman around the ladies.  I… Read more “”

John, Allie & I want to thank you for all your expertise and wonderful demeanor you have with dogs.  The Therapy Dog/Advanced classes were a positive experience for all three of us and I know that Allie will be a terrific Therapy Dog. Jo-Ann, Lyndhurst,… Read more “”

After Rocco joined me in my home, one of the goals I had was to make sure that I was trained properly in obedience training. What *I* wanted was to learn about positive reinforcement with Rocco. I asked my dog walker, Lauren for a reference. She didn’t hesitate and told me to use the trainer… Read more “”

Joana, I wanted to thank you for all the information and tips you taught us on Sunday. Your session made us feel more confident in our ability to manage and correct (as much as possible) Madison’s resource guarding, which was a huge relief to us. We’ve given her bones only while on leash and hope to… Read more “”

Hi Joana! Topper is doing really well – we practice his commands on every walk, and we put them to use in the house as well. He’s totally mastered “off”, “come”, and “look at me”, which is amazing to us! He does “quiet” well too, just not as consistently as the others. However, instead of barking… Read more “”

My Husband and I recently had a session with Joana, and she is GREAT. She came to our apartment and stayed until we had covered everything on her list and on ours. She went through a series of commands and helped us with walking our puppy on a leash. Her advice is very professional and… Read more “”

Joana, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help this week – Murphy’s behavior is already improving! We brought him to Brookdale dog park yesterday, and we met a current “advanced” student of yours, and two past students. Everyone had great things to say about your classes (and we were all using easy-walk… Read more “”

Dear Joana, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session on Sunday. It was so helpful and we all got a lot out of it. It was amazing how much information you were able to give us in such a relatively short amount of time. It gives us more confidence in… Read more “”

Hi Joana,  Coby and I went to Clara Mass today.  He was Amazing!  He was a big hit with the staff and acted like he has been doing this forever.  They asked me how long has he been a Therapy Dog and how many other facilities he’s worked for.  When I said this was the… Read more “”

Teddy and I have both come a long way since we met Joana in 2010. I initially signed up for her obedience class because I had reached a roadblock in doing it on my own. She showed me how to achieve the results I wanted using only positive reinforcement, which was very important to me.… Read more “”

Hi Joana, Penny has been doing very well. We’re still following all the rules you gave us and we’ve definitely adjusted to having her on the leash all the time. I swear, that tip alone makes a world of difference! We’ve been going to the Brookdale Dog Park as much as we possibly can. She loves… Read more “”

Hello Joana, I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you once again for your help with Stella. As you had suggested, we went back to the crating/walking schedule that we had in place when she was a pup. It worked instantly and helped acclimate her to her new surroundings without stress. We… Read more “”

Hi Joana, Just wanted to let you know how much you did for us during your training session with Bianka. She is different as night and day using what you taught us. She had no problem with us using a leash in the house and seems quite comfortable having it on. Only 48 hours since you… Read more “”

Hi Joana, I worked with you back in December with my little 4 year old yorkie Parker. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that despite my hesitation and fear, Parker is doing WONDERFULLY! We haven’t had an accident in my apartment in months. He is free to run around my house, my moms house,… Read more “”

Hi Joana, Martin and I thank you very much for training Clifford. Your class was really great; we learned a lot about how to make his commands more reliable but also having access to all your advice is priceless. The class was great fun and we’re so glad we took it. We’re going to send off… Read more “”


Thank you once again for the time you spent with us today. You were insightful, informative, extremely patient and we learned a lot of techniques that are already being put to use lol.  It was comfortable – like having a friend over, thank you for that. I’m looking forward to receiving any and all of the… Read more “Pibble”

I took one of your classes in the winter of 2012 at the elks lodge with my pup Steve. He is pretty skittish and we spoke during the class about how to acclimate him to Jersey city. Lots of dog owners have recommended training tools that are pretty aggressive. After learning so much from you… Read more “”

Hi Joana, Continuing to use your techniques and following your advice, we have seen a major transformation in Onyx’s behavior. Example: Onyx is definitely listening to Hazel much more than he had in the past, is more respectful to her, and has ceased to leap on anyone, especially Hazel. I could provide numerous anecdotes of the… Read more “”

Hi Joana, I have to give you an update and share a little story. So Cubby and I have been very diligently working with our dog/dog aggression training and it’s been going amazing. My boyfriend, who has NEVER owned a dog, let alone trained a dog, would attempt to criticize our training approach and would… Read more “”

Hello Joana, I wanted to share a story with you. Your training saved Maggie’s life ( you remember Maggie is the Benji looking rescue dog). We were on vacation and I was walking her alone at night. It was very dark and something frightened her. She somehow quickly backed out of her easy walk harness… Read more “”

I used to be an avid Dog Whisperer watcher, and before coming to class tried a few of the dominance based techniques with Sadie. All I got was a sullen pup who didn’t trust me. I’m so glad I did my research and found positive training and your class. Sadie, Dave and I are infinitely… Read more “”

Joana, What an excellent experience. I love working with skilled and passionate professionals. We are going to do our best and I’ll be in touch if (when) we need guidance. I really appreciate all the information. David, Jersey City,… Read more “”


Dear Joana, I cannot tell you how much your visit with us on Saturday meant — and how much of a change in MacKenzie we have realized since your visit. Walking her is no longer an issue. As a matter of fact, we both enjoy it! Wow! That is something I couldn’t put a price tag… Read more “MacKenzie”